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An online replica store once resided at this domain, which was owned and operated by sellers of knockoff Chanel.

Pursuant to legal action, and the resulting Judgment and Injunction of a U.S. District Court, the owners of the website previously at this web address,CHANEL REPLICA FASHION SHOPPE, were decided and held by the Court to have been offering for sale and selling replica goods. For authentic CHANEL items, please visit the official CHANEL website at

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Whether you want to believe it or not, the truth of the matter is that there exists crime organizations who plot to sell replicas online, especially on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

While shopping, be on the lookout for Black Friday deals which appear to be too good to be true. There's a big possibility that it is indeed too good to be true. It is advised by authorities in the know to pay no attention to such deals and head to the genuine retailers instead. That could be the only road to secure yourself the real thing.

If a gorgeous pair of authentic CHANEL studded CC earrings are what you are looking for, the best way to get them is to go to your nearest CHANEL boutique.

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